Awaken Gambino, stick to Hip-Hop: New Childish Gambino album gives listeners a new side of Childish Gambino


Jack Shapiro '18

Childish Gambino otherwise know as, Donald Glover, has released a new album named, “Awaken, My Love!” This is his third album released.
If you were hoping for songs similar to those featured on his old albums or former projects, be prepared for disappointment.
Gambino takes, “a trip into vintage black music.” Although his previous albums have been categorized as hip-hop/rap, this time he goes for a 70s-sounding album, according to Apple Music.
Gambino offers a style of music that many are not used to. Taking a step back from Hip-Hop/Rap, many believe that he should have stuck with the style of music he is known for making. In “Awaken, My Love” he ditches rap beats for guitars, gospel choruses, and funk-inspired melodies.
“I like that type of music. I just don’t think it’s what he is good at,” Jack Dorsey ’19 said. “I definitely like a lot of his rap music. I was disappointed that he didn’t stick with that style for his new album.”
Gambino cultivates a rather creepy sense of music in many of his new songs. In the track “Zombies,” he sings in a creepy scratchy voice with extremely strange lyrics. “All I see is zombies, hear them screaming at her, they can smell your money, and they want your soul, here they come behind you, try to stay alive,” Gambino sings in his new song, “Zombies.”
On the track “Terrified,” Gambino once again takes it a bit too far singing. “Do you misbehave? Haunt you to your grave, I’m going to eat you alive,” Gambino delivering lyrics on the track “Terrified.”
Gambino sings and misses on lots of other tracks including “Riot” and “California.” On “California,” it features Glover singing over a calypso beat using an intolerable accent.
Although most of Gambino’s songs on “Awaken, My Love” are duds, “Redbone and Me” and “Your Mama” deliver great beats that make them top songs on the album.
“He tried too hard to do something different and unique,” Theo Gabor ’19 , “but it didn’t work.”