Custom gameday gear turns trendy

Custom gameday gear turns trendy

With college decisions being made, a perfect gift to start asking for is college logo wear. But why settle for the boring and basic gear that everyone owns.

Instead check out the trendy, home-made college gameday gear that nobody else will be wearing.

Many student-run companies have emerged that sell homemade tailgate gear. They custom make skirts, tops, and socks for any college.

Tailgate Tees by Gabby is a very popular company started by a young girl who on her website says that, “I knew that girls like me needed a fun and trendy alternative to the average college apparel, so I turned boxy, plain t-shirts into customized fashion statements.”

The shirts are custom and are one of a type created by Grace Finkel, “I created unique, one-of-a-kind shirts that girls can rock at a game or wear anytime to represent their school, team, sorority, or camp with pride,” Finkel said.

Another popular logowear company is Lo Jo Bands. Very similar to Tailgate Tees by Gabby, two college girls “combined their love for school spirit, business and fashion to create handmade, one-of-a-kind, daisy-embellished pieces.”

These brands have become very popular among Staples girls. “My friends showed me these websites and the Instagram accounts last year. As soon as I got into college I ordered lots of shirts and sweatshirts for college,” said Mackenzie Wood ‘16, “Now that I’m in college I love to wear my gear on game day, and so many girls haven’t heard of these stores and really want to get their own.”

Gameday Gear is home-made college logowear owned by Channing Smith ‘17, a Staples student. Her stickers, homemade tops and sweatshirts have been sold at events like Phoebe’s Phriends Phlea Market. “The game day stuff was really creative and cute. I loved it and a lot of people bought the clothing. I think it’s an awesome business,” said Hallie Spear ‘18.