“That’s so Raven Two” Takes Staples by Storm

“That’s so Raven Two” Takes Staples by Storm

Jackson Daignault '18

Raven Symone announced on The View that the popular Disney channel show “That’s so Raven” would have a spinoff, releasing sometime in the near future.

Symone told The View that she would not only star in the show, but she will also be the executive producer.

Symone will star as a divorced mother of two, according to Disney Channel. One of her children will have inherited her ability to see into the future.

Symone’s announcement caused a storm in the Staples community.

The spin off of the original Disney channel show has students reflecting on the original. Sam New ’18 was one student who is very excited for the new show. “I am mostly excited because of all the time I spent watching the first Raven Symone series,” aid New ’18.

New ’18 also voiced his high expectations for the new show. “My expectations are very high, based on the first one. I think they need to amp up their characters’ attitudes and personalities.”

New ’18 was not the only Staples student optimistic about the new series. Jack Dorsey ’19 was “very excited” for the new show, because he “loved the original.”

Some students, like Ellie Doran ’20, do not have as high expectations. Doran ’20 says she “honestly has no clue what it’s going to be like.”

Regardless, the show has stirred a lot of talk throughout Staples, and has positive feedback from students.

“I expect the show to be very funny” Said Dorsey ’19. “I believe it will be a hit.”