Fall into the school year with new fashion

Fall into the school year with new fashion

Jackie Cope, Features Editor

Hang up your high-waisted shorts and crop tops, your bikinis and flip flops. We’re headed back to school, which means dressing back-to-school appropriately. All things must come to an end, and that’s true for your summer, and your tan midriff.

Each year, Staples students debate what they will wear for their first day of school attire: What top just screams me? Should I be more formal so new teachers take me seriously? How much black can I wear without anyone calling me out on it? Am I trying too hard?

You’re not trying too hard; don’t worry.

Fashion should be a source of pleasure for students since your style is a reflection of who you are and what you like. Whether you’re boho or preppy, clad in leather or Vineyard Vines, so long as you’re comfortable, who cares? So, here are my fall fashion tips; but if you’re still feeling the sweatpants come Monday morning, you rock it. You have my full support.

This autumn, I have one word for you: cardigans. They’re the best. Neutral tan colors that are slouchy and oversized look great with your Brandy Melville printed shorts (that you swear don’t resemble pajamas, but I remain unconvinced), or your jeans and sneakers staple. Thick knit or lightweight, cardigans are the best and the comfiest.

Boots are awesome. Get some riding boots. Get some Timberlands, or Timberland knockoffs because $150 dollars is pretty steep for a pair of shoes. Same goes for Doc Martens. Ebay is your friend. Get some combat boots from Payless or Marshalls. Go for neutral colors and wear them everyday. The plus of combat boots is the more wear and tear, the more rebellious you can pretend to be. Worn with flirty dresses, you get a classic feminine-meets-tough edge. Skinny jeans and boots? Life is great and mornings are easy.

To get past the basics, I’d recommend unusual color combinations. Mustard yellow is probably the most underrated color of all time. It’s very fall, and when worn as a cute corduroy skirt, or as opaque tights with a darker purple dress, you’re a knockout. Think the colors of fall leaves: deep oranges and reds and yellows. In the early weeks of September, I recommend mixing brown pieces with light pastels. Brown is a less harsh black (Duh) and looks great with oatmeals, lavenders, and pale pinks.

Another fun tip is to play with length. Instead of a t shirt, try a ¾ sleeve with a boat neck. It’s very Audrey Hepburn, and winged liner makes it all the more feminine and retro. Cropped jeans that go right before your ankles or even pedal pushers (stopping mid-calf) are adorable, and make classic pants interesting.

When dressing vintage, I caution against over doing it. So, with that grunge-y flannel, do yourself a favor and avoid wearing the Nirvana t-shirt and acid wash jeans. It’s a little much. Same with a drop waist smock dress— that Gatsby headband is cute, but save it for something less matchy and costume-like. Take risky or trendy pieces and make them the star of the show, like you would a red lip, or a lot of eye makeup.

But if you wanna have raccoon eyeliner, go for it. I won’t say anything.