What feeds the obsession? The Chipotle phenomenon

The menu isn’t long, but the options are endless.

First, there’s the classic burrito with which you have a choice of guacamole, salsa, cheese or sour cream; a choice of grilled chicken or steak; a choice of pinto or black beans; a choice of rice. And this is all just for one item on the menu!

Consider these variations alongside those of the Burrito Bowl, the Crispy Taco, the Soft Taco, the Salad, and the Chips and Guac, and you can barely keep up.

It’s Chipotle, which encourages customers to begin with the basics and customize their meals to mouthwatering perfection — and students are more than satisfied.

“The food is so good, and literally any combination is going to be delicious,” Addy Fowle ’15 said.

And, luckily, Chipotle is rumored to open in Westport in the near future.

On his popular blog, “06880,” Dan Woog was one of the first to bring to light this potential development.

“Word on the Compo Acres Shopping Center sidewalk is that the new tenant in the old Oaxaca restaurant space will be Chipotle,” Woog wrote in his article.

If these developmental plans are carried out, Chipotle will neighbor well-known establishments such as Trader Joe’s, Robeks Juice, and Winked Monkey (to name a few).

“Chipotle will get a ton of business from students,” Sarah Rountree ’14 predicts. “It’s healthy, good, and affordable, which is something hard to find around Westport. If it opens here, I will definitely be going a lot more.”

Unfortunately, as of right now, the closest Chipotle resides in Fairfield — a good twenty minute drive for most Staples students.

For Emily Phillips ’15, this doesn’t pose too much of a problem when it comes to the reward at the end of the road: a bowl with white rice, black beans, grilled chicken, cheese, and salsa.

“I usually go to Chipotle two or three times a week,” Phillips said. “The drive is definitely worth it.”

Rountree, on the other hand, does not often venture out to Fairfield’s Chipotle due to the distance. But, when she does, she orders the vegetarian option.

“I love that they have an option other than meat, and that it still tastes just as good,” Rountree said. “I recommend the guacamole on top. You can’t go wrong with guacamole.”

Whether it be with its zesty guacamole, crispy corn chips, or heaping bean burritos, Chipotle is bound to accrue a wide range of Staples students.

Fowle speaks for all Chipotle-fanatics when she jokes: “If Chipotle opens in Westport, I’ll probably go every single day and spend all my money.”