Opening ceremony outfits demand attention from their viewers


Emma Muro, A&E Editor

Fashion aficionados everywhere were clinging to their sanity as all 88 countries competing in the 2014 Olympics marched their way through the Opening Ceremony on February 7th. All kinds of different ensembles representing each unique country bombarded hungry eyes in the audience both in the stadium and at home. These five countries especially nailed it.

1. Tonga

Although unfamiliar to many, this country killed it at the Opening Ceremony. To match their attitudes, the proud team of just three athletes were accompanied by an ensemble of a tropical print with a matching hat. Intertwined with their flag’s design was a series of palm trees and a beach scenery dancing across the fabric. And let’s not forget about the rainbow gloves that made even a senior in high school giddy with excitement. Yeah, that happened.

2. Slovakia

Slovakia knows how to accent like a boss. With simple black and white winter wear ensembles, they kept things fresh to set the stage for their patterned accessories. Popping against their outfits were mittens, scarves, and hats with tons of hearts embroidered across them. HEARTS. If grown men with macho Olympic titles marching decked out in hearts doesn’t give you the warm fuzzies, I don’t know what does.

3. Canada

As if Canada couldn’t get any cooler (ha ha), their outfits were spot on. With their red toggle coats and color coordinated beanies, they marched in like they were about to blow the roof off that stadium. They even give sass where sass is due, having their little maple leaves on the inside of their mittens, so when they wave to the crowd, you can be unfortunately reminded of how your country isn’t Canada. And that really sucks.

4. Andorra

If we’re being frank here, Andorra is a pretty unknown country. I mean, where did it even come from? Although it’s pretty easy to forget this Southwestern European nation, their outfits certainly won’t be. The countries ensembles put grandma’s fair isle sweaters to shame. With black for the boys and white for the girls, Andorra’s Olympic team sauntered across the stadium looking ready to win.

5. Russia

As the hosts of the Olympics, Russia was expected to go big. And they delivered. Every athlete oozed confidence in ensembles that reflect the countries traditions. With fur-trimmed jackets for the girls and puffy peacoats for the boys, they upstaged just about every other country in the stadium with smiles on their faces.