The only reason I watched the Super Bowl

If I’m being completely honest, I don’t really like football.

It may have something to do with the fact that I have absolutely no idea about how it’s played or what on Earth a fumble is. However, once a year, I hop on the NFL bandwagon; I eat a ridiculous amount of chips and dip, and I listen to my family members scream incessantly at the television. The game seems to drag on almost forever, but what makes it bearable are the commercials. This year, there were a bunch of good ones, but there were only a few that were truly great.

1. Dannon Oikos Greek Yogurt:”The Spill”

I’m more than sick of the average yogurt commercial. I’ve watched way too many Yoplait Light commercials about some woman gushing on how great the yogurt tastes and how much weight she’s lost. As much as I like Jaime Lee Curtis, I’m tired of her describing how healthy her digestive system is in that Activia commercial.

The Dannon Oikos commercial was a breath of fresh air. There were no boring middle aged women trying to diet, but instead a Full House reunion. The commercial was a definite win for Full House fans, and anything but cliche.

2. Turbotax: “Love Hurts”

This commercial didn’t make much logical sense, but it practically had me in tears. It was comparing watching a team that wasn’t yours play in the Super Bowl to watching someone you love dancing with another person at prom. As a bonus, we were given slow-motion playbacks of Sean’s best moves on the dance floor.

Everyone in my house was laughing hysterically at this point, including my elderly grandmother. There was just something about watching his jazz hands in slow motion that was hilarious. It sounds strange, but I think it was just the pure ridiculousness of this commercial that made it so entertaining.

3. T-Mobile No Contract: Tim Tebow

In recent years, it seems that T-Mobile hasn’t been very popular as far as cellular data providers go. However, they’re now advertising a no contract plan, and what better way is there to advertise this than to use Tim Tebow, who is currently unsigned. The commercial shows all the great things Tebow has been able to do with the freedom of not having a contact.

The commercial basically wants to say that without a cellular contract, you can do whatever you want by showing that Tebow himself has accomplished great things this year, sans contract, such as helping a woman give birth, finding Big Foot, giving a speech for world peace, and going to the moon.

Tebow was definitely a winner for both the guys and the gals. My brothers were swooning over their favorite football player, while my sister lusted after Tebow’s chiseled features.

4. Bud Light: Ian Up for Whatever

This Bud Light commercial follows Ian Rappaport, a random and unaware civilian, as he goes on several adventures. First, he hops into a limo with multi-colored strobe lights, complete with a DJ to go on his way to be styled by the one and only Minka Kelly. Following this, he encounters a llama on an elevator on his way to play table tennis against a misplaced Arnold Schwarzenegger.

After winning ping-pong, the walls suddenly fall down, and they are at a crazy One Republic concert that’s mobbed with fans, and yes, a considerable amount of Bud Light. The commercial is definitely the least organized and most random one of all, but it’s quite entertaining and comedic.

5. H&M: David Beckham

There’s really not much to this commercial, but it was perfect in it’s simplicity. It basically just follows a half-naked Beckham as he does all kind of stunts on top of buildings and hang-glides across a telephone pole wire on his way to an H&M shoot.

While I’m not sure how exactly this promoted H&M, I’m not complaining. You can’t go wrong with Beckham, and especially not when he’s shirtless.