“Bye Bye Birdie” Flies High

Conrad (Jack Siegenthaller) is embraced by his fan club members.

Photo by Kerry Long

Conrad (Jack Siegenthaller) is embraced by his fan club members.

For Staples Players, there wasn’t much time to relax once school ended in June, as rehearsals started soon after for the summer production of “Bye Bye Birdie,” a 1960s musical. With the premiere on July 26, Players were in a time crunch.

“I believe this rehearsal time was the shortest we’ve ever had to do a summer show,” said Maddy Rozynek ’14, who played Mae Peterson. “We were still running scenes days before it opened.”

Despite the strenuous hours of preparation for an early opening, reviews of the experience from cast and crew were all positive. “I love spending my summer doing this,” said Vig Namasivayam ’16, an assistant director. “Even though it’s hard work, it’s so much fun.”

Because of its summer timing, the community of Players expanded to include students from other parts of Fairfield County, as well as incoming freshman – and a seventh grader. Players needed someone to play young Randolph, and Nick Rossi ’19, was a perfect choice. Noa Wind ’15 who played Nancy described Rossi as “awesome in learning the ropes.”

Overall, Players said the production was a major success.“The lights, the sets, the singing, the dancing,” said Namasivayam. “It turned out extremely well.”