The One Direction Infection


One Direction sings on stage at their concert on May 25th at the Izod Center

Rachel Labarre, Features Editor

As soon as the lights turned off, flashes from cameras turned on, and shrieks and screams flooded the room. The high-pitched squeals have only just begun and won’t stop until the night ends or voices are lost, which ever happens first.

So it goes at a One Direction concert.

At 8:55pm the madness began as the five boys, Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Harry Styles, Louis Tomlinson, and Zayn Malik stepped onto the stage. On May 25th, I attended the boy band’s third concert in their 2012 USA Tour “Up All Night.” The venue, the Izod Center of New Jersey, held 16,800 love struck girls – the most the new band had ever performed for.

Girls were dressed in all sorts of outfits, hoping to steal their celebrity crush’s attention. From British flag skinny jeans, to spray painted neon shirts, to glowing head bands, it was clear that these girls were willing to take extra measures in their creativity. A few teens even draped Christmas lights across their bodies so they would stand out from the crowd.

Additionally, posters were an omnipresent attempt to catch the eyes of one of the five British singers. Slogans such as “Zayn Malik Make Out With Me,” or simply a glowing “1D” filled posters throughout the arena.

As for the music, I was pleasantly surprised that the boys sounded just as good, if not better, than their CD. It is common knowledge that with technology these days, singers don’t truly sound like the tracks that they release. Not these boys. Even while dancing and jumping around on stage, their talent was prevalent.

Girls screamed, cried, maybe even peed in their pants, as they watched their favorite boys dazzle them. It’s true – I am a directioner. I am one of these fanatic girls in love with the five boys that make up One Direction. As they stood fifty feet in front of me, I couldn’t believe my eyes.

The hour and a half ended much too quickly and as they left the stage I found my ears ringing, throat burning, legs and feet trembling, and eyes drooping from exhaustion. But it was worth it.