A Q&A with Student Songwriter and Singer Jacqueline Devine ’13

For most Staples students, iTunes is the central hub for music. If there’s a new single tearing up the charts by Nicki Minaj, Adele, or David Guetta, iTunes is guaranteed to have it.

However, for Jacqueline Devine ’13, iTunes is something much more personal: it’s the place where her very own music is made available to the public.

On March 9, 2011, Devine debuted a self-written single called “Just Be” on iTunes, and she plans to release an eponymous EP later this year — also iTunes. In fact, the instrumentals for the album’s five songs have already been recorded at Staples’ very own Media Lab, and Devine will record vocals for her songs in the Media Lab later this month.

Inklings caught up with Devine, who shared her musical inspirations and aspirations in the interview below.


Inklings: How long has music played a part in your life?

Jacqueline: Music has been a huge part of my life for as long as I can remember. I started taking piano lessons in the third grade and started writing music when I was about twelve. I became serious about songwriting freshman year, and copyrighted 10 songs the summer going into sophomore year. However, music has always been an escape for me; it seems to always help relieve stress.

I: What is the message of “Just Be” to you?

J: The message of “Just Be” is to never regret something that happened in the past. If you made a mistake, then you have to let go and forget about it because you can’t change the past and can only look forward to the future.

I: What has the public response to “Just Be” been like?

J: I’ve gotten so much support from my friends and family. I’ve received Facebook messages from people I have never spoken to, telling me that they love the song. Hearing that is so incredible, and moments like those are the reason that I love songwriting.

I: What has it been like to have your music open to the public as a teenager at Staples?

J: I love that people are now able to hear my music. I have always been willing to share my music with my peers and iTunes was a great way to accomplish that.

I: What else have you done with your music in the community?

J: I am currently a part of Wreckers in Tune, a club at Staples that plays at different venues across Connecticut. We play for nursing homes, hospitals, and sometimes are able to play at Toquet Hall. Wreckers in Tune has been a great way of getting out and performing and being able to showcase some of my original songs. I have also performed at local venues such as Las Vetas Lounge in Fairfield, the Jewish Home for the Elderly and Barnes and Noble in Westport.

I: Your next album is expected to hit iTunes later this year. Can you give us an insider scoop about the content of the songs?

J: As much as I would love to, I think you’re just going to have to wait and find out when the album is released!

I: Has the process of creating your second album been different than creating your first iTunes single? How so?

J: Yes, it has been so different! With “Just Be,” it was a simple recording because the instrumentals solely consisted of piano and vocals. However, with the new album, I have added instruments and drum beats to try and create some upbeat songs.

I: You also have a few self-recorded covers on your YouTube channel, JDevineMusic. What is it like recording those covers?

J: It’s so much fun. I love recording covers because you are able to take a popular song and make it your own. It’s also interesting to be able to compare yourself to professional recording artists and see how people compare you as well.

I: Will you record any of your new songs on your YouTube channel before your next album comes out?

J: I would really like to. I would love to give people a preview of the material that will be on the album.

I: Do you plan to continue professionally pursuing music later down the road?

J: Music will always be a passion of mine, and if that means a professional career, then that would be incredible. However, if I don’t decide to pursue music for my career, it will always remain one of my favorite hobbies that I will always love.


Devine’s first single, “Just Be,” is available on iTunes for $0.99, and her EP album is slated for release later this year. For more information on Devine and her music, visit www.jacquelinedevine.webs.com.