Spring Playlist

Bow Chicka Wow Wow – Mike Posner feat. Lil Wayne

Album cover for Mike Posner's new hit Bow Chicka Wow Wow | Graphic from Amazon.com

Last summer, Mike Posner hit the airwaves with the hit single “Cooler Than Me.” It has the same Posner flow as all of his other songs: high-pitched male voice meets fun and pointless lyrics. The chorus is catchy, possibly enough to become a summer anthem. Look for it to be Posner’s 2011 jam that’s overplayed on every radio station. Hopefully, Z-100 won’t murder another song.



Barbara Streisand – Duck Sauce
Now let’s get funky! Though the same two words are spoken in this song (Barbara Streisand), it will cause you to spontaneously hum the melody in the shower. I urge you to blast this song in the car, as it will cause every irking worry to dissipate through your skin. This song is a feel good jam — a spring and summer classic.



Beautiful People – Chris Brown feat. Benny Benassi
This is the ultimate fusion of electronic music and Chris Brown dance pop. Don’t get me wrong — this is no “Forever” or “Yeah 3x,” but it’s certainly a party thumper for this spring. Sure it came out in October, but it’s new to me if I just found it. If you’re a techno, electronic or house music fan, check this song out. I don’t care if you will be attending any raves this spring.



Coming Up – Lupe Fiasco feat. MDMA
Lupe Fiasco’s latest album, “Lasers,” is his strongest compilation yet. Like Eminem did last spring with “Recovery,” Fiasco blended catchy, sing-along choruses with meaningful lyrics — not an easy feat. To many’s surprise, the entire album is fantastic — not just “The Show Goes On.” This song is one of my favorites, but be sure to check out “I Don’t Wanna Care Right Now,” “All Black Everything” and “Till I Get There.”



Young, Wild, And Free – Wiz Khalifa feat. Snoop Dogg
Unlike his early mix-tapes, which focused on lame beats and rhymes (except for “Say Yeah”), Wiz Khalifa has found his niche in the modern rap community. As seen in this song, Khalifa is now focusing on rapping over Kid Cudi-like relaxing beats. The strategy is working as  “Rolling Papers” — Khalifa’s latest album that was released on March 29 — is currently ranked third in the iTunes music store.



Hit The Lights – Jay Sean feat. Lil Wayne
Do you remember Jay Sean’s “Down?” Consider “Hit The Lights” the after party to Jay Sean’s first hit single. The song features yet another Lil Wayne guest appearance and Jay Sean’s ladylike falsetto.



I Need A Doctor – Dr. Dre feat. Eminem and Skylar Grey
Dr. Dre’s hip-hop career couldn’t have been resurrected with a better comeback track. This song must be listened for lyrical content. Eminem’s verses, which explain Dr. Dre’s important role in his own rap career, are creative and perfectly constructed. Skylar Grey makes a guest appearance as she has in several recent rap songs (“I’m Coming Home” and “Words I Never Said”). And for not rapping for quite some time, Dr. Dre does a good job himself.