Don't Be Scared Off: New Documentary "Inside Job" is Essential Viewing

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Let’s just get this straight before we move any further. I am a normal kid. I love “Jackass 3-D”and even“Harold and Kumar.” While I may love those guilty pleasure movies, there is still much room in my heart for educational documentaries, and the new film “Inside Job” is no exception.

Yes, I know the groans come in when I say the words “educational documentary.” But let me tell you, “Inside Job” is just as engaging, entertaining, and dramatic as any film that will come out this year.

The film is narrated by our friend Matt Damon, who takes us through the financial crisis, pointing out the key players that caused the downfall. Director Charles Ferguson knows that when dealing with a film about the economy, the audience must never be lost or confused. The result is a documentary that is both easy to understand, and never condescending.

I know that this movie is going to be a tough sell (no pun intended) to teenage viewers, but I am here telling you that I am just like you guys, and I loved the movie. I loved it for its remarkable ability to engage the audience. I loved it for its relevance. And most of all, I loved it for its entertainment value.

Now, I am not telling you that “Iron Man” is going to look boring after seeing this. In its genre, “Inside Job does a particularly good job in playing out like a mystery, as it goes through and uncovers the truth behind our failed economy.

At this age, the topic shouldn’t seem as “boring” as it once was. In fact, with an entire AP course dedicated to economics and several other classes about finance, Staples students seem to respond well to financial education. And I promise you, this film is a lot more entertaining than a textbook or a PowerPoint lecture.

Not like only people in financial classes can enjoy this film, for instance, I’m not in one. The film can be enjoyed by any person who cares at all about what happened on Wall Street several years ago. I knew absolutely nothing about the financial crisis, and I walked out wanting to have a debate with Donald Trump.

When you approach the ticket counter in the next few weekends to hear that “Harry Potter” is sold out, don’t cry your muggle tears. Think about seeing the film “Inside Job.” It is playing all week at the Garden Cinemas in Norwalk, and you can bet this movie won’t be sold out.