The Incredible Machine Album Review

The Incredible Machine Album Review

Sarah Stein’13
Staff Writer

The Incredible Machine Album Cover

As I sat down to listen to The Incredible Machine for the first time, I was genuinely excited. Although I am not the biggest fan of country music Sugarland always seems to make its way on to my I-pod. The dynamic duo of Jennifer Nettles and Kristian Bush, seem to have that wonderful flare that makes them ever so special. In their new album Nettles and Bush are an artistic renaissance. This rebirth of sorts or a “brand new day in Sugarland” as Nettles puts it, is The Incredible Machine, which both Nettles and Bush both co-wrote and produced. The musically inspired renewal of Sugarland has transformed the band from “country strong” to a type of pop-rocky country that I didn’t know I was prepared for. Though, The Incredible Machine is truly in my opinion almost as magical as the bands name. The songs are a perfect mélange of the new pop rock, but still stay true to Sugarland’s roots.

The magic of “Shine the Light” truly shines through in this new album. The simplicity of solely the piano and the beauty of Nettles’ voice mixed with the uplifting lyrics create a motivational incredibly inspiring song . As I sat listening to this song, the lyrics had a heartening affect on me. Nettles’ voice spread warmth out of the speakers and into the atmosphere of my room.

As the drums started beating on the next track and I heard the tune of that guitar I knew this song would stay true to Sugarland’s country spirit. “Stand Up” gives a sense of empowerment to the listener as you hear it. The message, teaching everyone to stand up for what they believe in, is extremely positive. The lyrics along with the breathtaking and perfectly matched instrumentation portray a very important message to the fans. This song, unlike many others that Sugarland has released, showcases the vocal talent of Kristian Bush. I was pleasantly surprised to hear his voice as it adds so much to the power of the song. “Stand Up” truly makes me want to stand up for what I believe in.

I have come to the conclusion that The Incredible Machine achieved its purpose as Sugarland’s fourth album. Sugarland was able to branch out creatively yet still stay true to its roots. The mix of pop, rock, and country influences, along with the motivational and inspiring lyrics has left me speechless. Sugarland and the music they create are as appealing as the band’s name. The powerful lyrics and positive messages leave me feeling uplifted and joyful. All the songs work to form a powerful and unstoppable machine that is Sugarland.