Dancing With the Stars Captivates Staples

Dancing With the Stars Captivates Staples

Photo from tvfanatic.com

It is season 11 of the reality show, “Dancing With The Stars,” and everyone is watching on ABC at 8:00 to 10:00 p.m on Mondays and Tuesdays.

Every year, the professional dancers are paired up with the stars, such as actors, football players, other athletes, supermodels, teen stars, singers, and even astronauts.

There are new stars on the show that are ready for the challenge and are ready to show their “dancing skills.” The new stars are singer Brandy, famous daughter Bristal Palin, actress Jennifer Grey, athlete Kurt Warner, comedienne Margaret Cho, teen actor Kyle Massey, actress Audrina Patridge, athlete Rick Fox, actress Florence Henderson, reality star The Situation, and actor/singer David Hasselhoff, who was only on for a week and was already eliminated.

The dancing has officially begun and the stars are working hard. When people watch the show, they think that “Dancing With The Stars” is interesting to watch because having famous people on a dancing show seems fun to watch. It is also fun to see how well they dance.

All these semi famous people make us wonder how our semi-famous teachers would stack up.  Here are our picks . . .

Clockwise from bottom left- William Jones, Jennifer Huettner, Rich Franzis, Mary Elizabeth Fulco, Jeffrey Schare

Jennifer Huettner would bring Latin to the Latin dances. She is the new Latin teacher at Staples who will always give you a good start to your day in school.

Richard Francis would assist the dancers to make sure they are doing the right routines and would point them to the right direction. He will discipline the dancers.

Mary Elizabeth Fulco is athletic and exciting, and she has been teaching English for four years. She would make the dance into a story and has a good sense of character.

William Jones would bring chemistry to his dances.  He is a science teacher who always wears classy bow ties.

Jeffrey Schare would add and subtract dance moves.  Whenever a problem comes up, he will provide a solution.