Beyond the Cover

Emmy Marcus ’22 

Beyond the painting showcased on the cover of this January paper, Emmy Marcus ’22 explores other art mediums. Most notably, she has taken the title of “Makeup Artist” to the next level, using makeup to create art on her body. Her piece on the cover was done for the Oil Painting course at Staples and is a re-creation of a makeup piece she created in October 2020.

“I love art because it is the perfect vehicle for me to express myself using various mediums,” Marcus said. “Whether it is painting, makeup art or drawing, it always makes me happy and allows me to share my skills and inspire others.” 

She exhibits her art on her Instagram @emmym.mua where she has posted over 100 pieces of her unique work. 

Aedan Kiniry ’22 

Aedan Kiniry ’22 has been doing digital art for three years and while enrolled in Digital Foundations Honors, he also makes graphics for Staples sports teams and does college commitment graphics for local athletes. Kiniry continues this work as an intern for Sacred Heart’s Athletic department where he is assigned similar projects. 

“I really enjoy it. The work I do lets me interact with a lot of people in the school as well as local businesses,” Kiniry said. 

Additionally, he is part of the Inklings creative team, helping to design the magazine covers and graphics. Below are some pieces made for Staples football team.



Zoe Finger ’23

Prior to taking Graphic Design 1, Zoe Finger ’23 had little-to-no experience in photoshop. Now in Digital Foundations Honors, she has found her passion and plans to pursue graphic design after high school. 

“My goal is to go to art school for graphic design, and it’s all because of the classes that led me here,” Finger said. 

As well as graphic design, Finger enjoys pottery and photography. 

“I’ve really enjoyed taking the art classes here at Staples,” she said. “They’ve helped me grow a lot as an artist.”

The images below were taken in Photography 1 which Finger took during first semester. 


Sophie Alcyone ’22

In addition to painting and illustrating for the art show, Sophie Alcyone ’22 gives her artwork as gifts. For example, she gave her mother a drawing of her sister as they are both leaving for college soon. 

While art is not a major focus for Alcyone, it is certainly an impactful hobby and a welcomed contrast to other subjects in school.

“I enjoy the break from pure academics,” Alcyone said. “[Art] offers other skills I can develop and it keeps me seeing the big picture of what life can be like.”