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Photo by Lilly Weisz '23

Andrea Pecoriello works through a spacing issue for the buckets of penny candy she hopes to bring into The Porch. She refuses to give up on her ambitions to create her dream country store.

The mission

In addition, some of the employees for the Remarkable Theater also work at Sweet P Bakery or will be working at The Porch.

“We do have a similar mission. That’s what binds us together,” Pecoriello said.

Of course, ice cream isn’t the only thing The Porch will be serving up. Along with featuring the unique baked goods whipped up at Sweet P, the Pecoriellos do not want to skimp on variety or flavor. This includes, but is not limited to, a hot breakfast for people quickly stopping by; a salad or panini for a catch-up with a friend; dinner for the soccer parent and their kid after a sweaty practice at Wakeman. And, arguably the most important food group for a Staples student: afterschool snacks.

“We’re trying to hit every demographic, which is really difficult with a menu, but we’re really trying,” Pecoriello said.Even with an expansive menu, the Pecoriellos are adamant about quality. Everything from a specialty coffee roaster from Williamsburg, Brooklyn to small-batch ice cream from Avon, Connecticut, there’s no limit to their gastronomic imagination. The Porch is also planning to support a myriad of local businesses, including the town farm, flower arrangers and niche artisans such as a farmer selling specialized jams and pickles served with cheddar cheese.

“A lot of businesses are hurting now because of the pandemic. And I think if local can help local, it only benefits the community,” Pecoriello said.

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