Dan Harizman ’19

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From the time his brother forced him to sign up for Intro to Journalism, Daniel Harizman ’19 was destined to take on a leadership role for Inklings. Harizman’s passion for journalism was ignited through the people he met in his class as a freshman. His love for writing soon carried over into Advanced Journalism. “I spent the whole year as a staff writer and I loved the senior class that year,” Harizman said. Harizman is currently the Breaking News Editor, responsible for editing time-sensitive stories.

Harizman has interests apart from journalism as well. He also enjoys the outdoors and spending time with his buddies. “I like to go on bike rides and I enjoy hanging out with my friends, as cliche as it sounds,” Harizman said.

In the upcoming year, Harizman is excited to work with the Inklings newbies to improve their skills. “I think there’s a lot of talent here and we have to transform that talent into a creative and rule-following writer.”

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