Stein-O-Mite Hopes to Light Up the Golf Course

Deanna Schreiber, Staff Writer

Staples’ two-sport athlete, Erica Stein ’13, has decided to continue her golf career at University of Tampa. This team competes at the Division II level, but Stein did not always have her hopes on playing golf in college.

According to Stein’13, “Originally when I began applying to schools I didn’t even think of playing golf. It wasn’t until about January that I applied to a few schools looking to play golf. I just applied to them because I was interested in the schools first, then I checked out the golf teams and contacted the coaches.”

Stein’13 also adds that the University of Tampa is a fairly new team and because of this she hopes to be able to make big contributions to the team, especially by her sophomore year.

However, her decision to play golf came as a surprise to many. Due to her outstanding performance and contributions to the basketball team at Staples, many believed she would continue basketball instead.

“I was definitely surprised but I think no matter the sport, Erica was determined to be on a team in college and they are lucky to have her,” fellow Senior basketball captain, Allison April’13, said.

Stein’13 chose golf over basketball because she sees more of a future to continue to develop her golf skills. She sees golf as more of a challenge, something she continue as a life-long sport, and something that will allow her time for other things such as her schoolwork.