New Canaan High names Westports David Gusitsch Assistant Principal

New Canaan High names Westports David Gusitsch Assistant Principal

By Emma Rojas ’18

After 14 years of being with the Westport Public School district, Health and Physical Education Coordinator, David Gusitsch, will be leaving his position at Staples to become an assistant principal at New Canaan High School.

“The people here are a great group of people and that is something I will certainly miss,” Gusitsch said.

Gusitsch started teaching at Staples in 2003 as a health and physical education (P.E.) teacher but later became the department chair for grades nine through 12. A few years later he became the district curriculum coordinator and oversaw all eight of the Westport schools, K-12. While at Staples he also briefly coached varsity swim and football.

Cari Moore, a health and P.E. teacher, describes Gusitsch as “always striving to improve our programs. He is a very dedicated person to P.E. and wellness and works hard to advocate for education in those areas.”

Although he will no longer be overlooking the health and physical education program in New Canaan, he will be working more closely with the students.

“I am most looking forward to directly working with the kids, getting involved in activities and not only seeing how they navigate the day from an academic standpoint but from an extra circular one, too,” Gusitsch said.

His last day will be July 1 and there is no word on a replacement yet.


Photo taken by Emma Rojas ’18