SEC Reigns King


This year’s March Madness was a time of exhilaration, a time of anxiety, and a time of mourning. Unless you’re the Southeastern Conference (SEC), the most dominant conference in sports.

As a future Ole Miss Alumni, when the Final Four tipped in Arlington, I was rooting for my conference compatriots, Florida and Kentucky.

Like any good SEC fan, I rooted for my school, The Rebels, first and foremost. Duh. But I also rooted for the entire conference, bludgeoning our supremacy into those around me.

But don’t get me wrong, I’ll never root for Ole Miss’ rivals, Mississippi State and LSU. Heck, if you rooted for your rival, your NCAA fan card would be revoked. This is completely and utterly unacceptable. I don’t care if your rival is playing a team made up of Casey Anthony, Octomom, O.J. Simpson, and Bernie Madoff. You should never root for your rival.

Although I was screaming wildly as if the team were my own, throughout the entire game, there was not much to worry about. Win or lose, the SEC remained on top- two Final Four teams equalled untouchable.

Now, imagine a world where the SEC cared about basketball- good Lord, look out.

Down south, it’s all about Saturdays in the fall, not mid-week games in the winter to the madness in March. That’s right, I’m talking about football season. I won’t even get into statistics and numbers, because I don’t need to. Seven straight appearances in the national title games with nine in the last ten years… well, that speaks for itself.

But what if basketball programs started hiring the best coaches in the NCAA to big time contracts, were guaranteed a top 5 recruiting class year in and year out, and had a fan base similar to Duke’s “Cameron Crazies”? Psshhhttt. Forget about it. That’s a beast that cannot and would not be stopped. But that would just be icing on top of the already unbeatable cake.

Here’s to the fall. Here’s to the winter. Here’s to the spring. Roll SEC.