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[Sept. 2016 Features] Nature sprouts through Qureshi’s art exhibit

October 11, 2016

By Olivia Foster '18 Web News Editor Finding beauty in nature may be easy for most people, but turning that beauty into an artform takes talent. For Faiza Qureshi ’17, nature stirs her creativity...

Seniors changing Facebook names

Seniors changing Facebook names
September 17, 2014

Senior year is known as the best year in high school. You get senior privileges, like parking on campus, being the oldest and most “mature” kids at the school, and the time to change your Facebook...

Lacrosse players face-off for early recruitment

Lacrosse players face-off for early recruitment
August 25, 2014

During summer league lacrosse programs, college coaches are able to recruit high school athletes at increasingly younger ages. Varsity lacrosse player Colleen Bannon ’17 explains that there are major...

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