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Hydro Flask vs. S’well: which bottle is best?

Hydro Flask vs. S’well: which bottle is best?

September 21, 2018

By Molly Gold '21   Looking around Staples, it seems that Hydro Flask water bottles have replaced S’well bottles as the popular choice among students. Both bottles are artfully designed, insulated and claim to keep water cold longer than other brands. However, the bottles have differences, ran...

Staples water tinted, but harmless

Staples water tinted, but harmless

Sophie Call and Claudia Chen, Staff Writer and Managing Editor

March 13, 2016

On March 10, hot water coming out of certain sinks and water fountains at Staples was tinted with a light brown color. “The hot water lines are being flushed to remove any sediment that has collected,” Staples principal, Dr. Mark Karagus, said. “When that happens, there’s generally a very l...

These new water bottles are absolutely S’well

These new water bottles are absolutely S’well

Molly Liebergall, Web News Editor

January 11, 2016

Iris, Ocean Blue, Midnight Black, Amethyst, Moonstone and Citrine.  These are not the colors of the Urban Outfitters nail polish collection.  No, these are S’well bottles: the latest trend to skirt the hallways of Staples High School. Founded in 2010 by Sarah Kauss, S’well was “launched with th...

They found water on Mars

They found water on Mars

Claire Dinshaw, News Editor

October 6, 2015

The story below, to some, is a familiar one. If so, please feel free to skip a few paragraphs ahead, but if not, read it slowly. Picture each description, each event as you go along. Believe me, it is more powerful that way. About a trillionth of a trillionth of a second after the Big Bang, a boili...

Trading out pink passes for swim caps

Photo via Wikipedia Commons under the Creative Commons License

Becca Rawiszer, Web Opinions Editor

May 21, 2015

Every swim class there are at least three students who come up with some reason to not participate. Common excuses consist of being “allergic to chlorine” or magically having “cramps” every day. The typical Staples student dreads swim class. They trudge to the pool house muttering complaint...

VOSS Water sparks interest in Staples students

VOSS Water sparks interest in Staples students

Kit Epstein, Staff Writer

April 6, 2015

VOSS Water hit Staples’ cafeteria early last week, sparking question and excitement from the Staples community. According to,  “VOSS Artesian Water from Norway comes from an aquifer in the pristine natural environment of Southern Norway, producing pure water like no other.” The St...

How much do you know about that water bottle?

How much do you know about that water bottle?

Aileen Coyne, Staff Writer

January 21, 2015

When looking around classrooms almost every desk has a water bottle sitting on it. Recycling bins are filled with empty ones, and half filled water bottles are found covering lunch tables. While water may never be a drink craze like pumpkin spice lattes or almond milk, it will always have high demand. There is usually not much th...

School Store to Run During Exams

School Store to Run During Exams

June 10, 2011

In need of a quick snack or water, but you're too far from the cafeteria? Check out the school store right across from Patty McQuone's desk. Every Friday morning during period three Wyatt Davis '14 works at the school store, which offers candy, gum, and water. Davis will be working at the store more often with the start of exams....

Fire Truck Comes to Staples

Fire Truck Comes to Staples

October 22, 2010

During period 6 on Friday, October 22, students were rushed outside for a firedrill. As the Westport Fire Department pulled up to Staples, they soon discovered that there was not a fire, but rather pressure difficulties. According to Principal Dodig, the workers on North Avenue opened a fire hydra...

Out With A Bang: Seniors Leave Their Mark on SHS

The remains of the senior water balloon fight lie in the sink.

May 28, 2010

On May 14, 40 to 50 seniors participated in various pranks, including a water balloon fight, a motorcade, and a stampede through the halls. The seniors had hidden stashes of water balloons all over the courtyard, but they were quickly discovered by the custodial staff. When a water fight began in the hallway near the library, administrators directed...

Class of 2010 Goes Out With A Prank

Seniors walk back into the building after Mr. Farnen and other administrators put an end to their water balloon fight in the courtyard. | Photo by Kelsey Landuer '12

May 17, 2010

Kelsey Landauer '12 Sports Editor The last school day for most seniors, May 14, was the last chance to pull off a signature prank. Instead of just one, these seniors decided to take advantage of their last day with three pranks. During the first lunch wave, students began to congregat...

Sailing Preview

March 26, 2010

Matt Hawes Senior Staff Writer The Staples Sailing squadron has much to look forward to in the upcoming spring.   Read More »...

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