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Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Hannah Bolandian ’19 February 5, 2019

Staples students are notorious for being stressed out and overloaded with work, especially around midterm and final exams. However, this normality is preventable. With second semester now in full swing,...

Early school start times harm students’ well-being

Early school start times harm students’ well-being

June 12, 2018

By Amanda Kaplowitz ’19   I have never been much of a morning person. But, when I started high school, I found that I had no choice but to become one. Waking up at the crack of dawn when it...

Us humans are a little crazy: It’s about time

Us humans are a little crazy: It’s about time

March 27, 2018

Imagine having no concept of waking up on time. No need to press snooze every time the glaring sound of your default alarm turns on. There would be no productivity. It seems real. It seems like it’s...

TIME Magazine names Donald Trump

TIME Magazine names Donald Trump “Person of the Year”

Brett Frankln '18, Assistant Business Manager December 8, 2016

President-elect Donald J. Trump was named the TIME Magazine Person of the Year, on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2016. A person who had the “greatest influence, for better or worse, on the events of the year”...

[Oct. 2016 Opinions] The push to sleep in–Why Staples High School needs to start later

November 22, 2016

By Jason Streiter '17   At 6:30 a.m., my alarm goes off. It’s another day of school. In the world outside of Staples High School, that would sound pretty early; however, 6:30 is actually late...

Wearing uniforms would be better

Wearing uniforms would be better

Erin Lynch , Staff Writer March 1, 2016

Rarely, if ever, does a morning go smoothly for me. I either try on a million outfits only to realize none of them look good, or I have a cute outfit all planned out and I dribble toothpaste down my shirt...

Balance is an illusion

Balance is an illusion

Alix Sommers, Staff Writer April 9, 2015

  For all juniors, filling out college applications are just around the corner, this brings many students wondering what can get them into the college of their dreams. The one thing colleges are looking...

An hour is saved, while sanity is hopelessly lost

Alison Morrison, Staff Writer December 7, 2014

As the clocks switched for Daylight Savings Time on Nov. 2, over 70 countries, including the U.S., fell back an hour and everything changed. All of a sudden, what I thought was 7:30 a.m. was actually 6:30...

The Time Crunch

The Time Crunch

Caroline Rossi, Web Features Editor October 23, 2013

Ask anyone for the time, and you’re unlikely to see them glance down at their wrist. Instead you might watch them dig around in their bag to pull out a sleek iPhone, press the home button and watch the...

Accelerated Students: Sophomores in APs

May 27, 2011

AP courses at Staples usually conjure images of upperclassmen slaving away on an endless supply of work. However, what some may not realize is that sophomores are also in on these challenging courses. “It’s...

Life Goes On: Doomsday Theories Are Taking Over Our Lives

May 22, 2011

First, it was Y2K. At midnight on January 1, 2000, computer systems were supposed to collapse, causing a global shutdown and throwing mankind back into the Dark Ages. At midnight on January 1, 2000,...

Crowns and Crumpets: Staples Students Attuned to Upcoming Royal Wedding

April 27, 2011

Ben Reiser '13 & Bryan Schiavone '13 News Editors On April 29, thousands will congregate in London’s Westminster Abbey...

March 30, 2011| What Time is it?

March 30, 2011

12:26 p.m. The TV's around school are often not working with the time as well as the duration of classes. Frustrated students complain that they don't know how much time is left in class or how long...

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