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U.S. History students advance to Nationals in annual competition

Chloe Murray, Paper Opinions Editor

May 17, 2020

A handful of U.S. History Honors students waited nervously at their computers on May 13 anticipating the results of the National History Day (NHD) state competition. Several groups placed at the regional competition, but not all would do the same at States.  Every year, tenth grade U.S. Histor...

Sophomore research paper combines enjoyable aspects, development of important skills

The sophomore research paper, which students spend about a month on in their English classes, does require a lot of research and writing but can be enjoyable and in the end is important in building long-lasting skills for students.

Lys Goldman ’21

May 24, 2019

You sit at your desk, staring at a blank document on your laptop in front of you. You tap your fingers repeatedly against the keyboard, feeling as if you had unintentionally flipped an off switch in your brain. You search for words but can’t seem to find any that can combine into a cohesive sentenc...

Staples students take home the prize at National History Day

Stella Corenthal ’21 and Sutton Lindau ’21 performing their project in front of the judges and other audience members. Their performance was about Mae Jemison, the first African American to travel to space. Corenthal and Lindau placed second in their category.

Chelsea Strober ’21

May 16, 2019

Walking into Honors United States History class on the first day of sophomore year of high school, one would normally expect that the class would be solely watching the teacher talk about all things history while students sit in their seats, staring at the clock. However, that is not the case at Staples. Here...

Best locations to learn how to drive

Best locations to learn how to drive

May 8, 2017

By Alexandra Sprouls ’19 One of the things that makes sophomore year so memorable is that many students turn 16 and obtain their permits After doing so, a parent is not only in charge of  taking them on 40 hours worth of drives but must trust their child to be safe behind the wheel. There are ...

Truth About Hate assembly was powerful tool despite poor execution

Truth About Hate assembly was powerful tool despite poor execution

March 22, 2017

By: Amelia Brown '18 Not many things can incite the level of joy in students that the prospect of missing class can. Snow days, early dismissals, delays and, yes, even assemblies, send a rush of satisfaction and relaxation through our teenage minds. The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) sponsored assembly,...

Staples Dominates Fairfield County National History Day

Staples Dominates Fairfield County National History Day

Josiah Tarrant, Assistant Business Manager

March 27, 2016

On Saturday, March 19, inside a hustling and bustling Edgerton Auditorium at Sacred Heart University, many Staples sophomores competed in National History Day (NHD). According to Tony Andrade, Organizer of the Fairfield County National History Day, 470 students, from eleven different schools participated i...

Swim team sophomores make a splash

Swim team sophomores make a splash

Megan Doyle, Staff Writer

February 10, 2016

  Although the Staples boys’ swim and dive team season has only just begun, they have already made an impact. With newfound talent from the freshman and sophomores, the swim and dive team has beaten both Westhill and Fairfield-Ludlowe co-op. Despite their loss of seniors, the team has upheld their enthusiasm from last year. “It ...

The Sophomore Section… Does it even exist?

The Sophomore Section… Does it even exist?

Emma Greenberg, Staff Writer

October 29, 2015

Freshman year is when students are thrust into the world of high school, learning how to fend on their own. Junior year is when the college propaganda kicks in. Senior year is when students finally become top dogs and get ready for their future. All of these are always talked about and remembered, except for...

Childhood dreams of driving become a reality

Childhood dreams of driving become a reality

Claire Dinshaw, News Editor

May 22, 2015

Most children dream, at one point or another, of driving. Some dream of getting behind the wheel of a big firetruck or racing around a track at 180 mph, while others see themselves roaming the streets of Westport in a bright pink buggy. “[When I was younger] I wanted a pink bug with purple and ye...

Sophomores overwhelmed by academic developments

Sophomores overwhelmed by academic developments

Jimmy Ray Stagg, Web Sports Editor

May 30, 2014

Throughout high school, there’s a kind of stigma around complaints. The seniors reserve the right to refute any complaint, having “been there, done that.” Juniors can brush the comments off due to their struggles with APs, SATs and ACTs. Underclassmen have no rights of complaint, for fear of...

Sophomores succeed at National History Day

George Menz ’16 is hard at work on his National History Day Project.

Grace McCarthy, Staff Writer

May 2, 2014

For their first year of attending National History Day, Staples High School sophomores have returned home with an abundance of impressive awards and possibly more to come at Nationals. National History Day requires students from all over the states to either create a paper, exhibit, performance, docum...

Staples sophomores sojourn to Singapore

Staples sophomores sojourn to Singapore

Deanna Hartog, Sports Editor

March 15, 2014

In November, the Staples High School sophomore class welcomed Singaporean students as part of a new exchange program. During the following weeks, the exchange students from the Hwa Chong Institution shadowed students to learn more about American culture. And now, this summer, those Staples students...

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