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Alice Lipson, Orphenians Director, Retires

June 23, 2010

Leah Bitsky '12 A&E Editor At Staples Orphenians’ 50th Anniversary Concert on Sunday, Jun. 6th, Conduc- tor Alice Lipson’s eyes closed as she conducted a performance of a song played at her daughter’s graduation. This was the last time Lipson would lead them in chorus. After 22 yea...

Math, Literature and Sticky Notes: Westport Reads Picks Well for 2010 With Yoko Ogawa’s ‘The Housekeeper and the Professor’

‘the Housekeeper and the Professor: Westport reads picks “The Housekeeper and the Professor” for the entire town to enjoy reading all together. Photo By | Jon Loeb '11

January 29, 2010

Harris Durrani '11 Opinions Editor To kick off the decade, Westport Reads—an annual program to get the whole town reading the same book—has chosen Yoko Ogawa’s “The Housekeeper and the Professor,” a novel as simple and elegant as the mathematical equations which illuminate its pages. ...

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