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Major Additions to Westport: Construction on Saugatuck Center Underway

Major Additions to Westport: Construction on Saugatuck Center Underway

December 3, 2010

Construction on Riverside Avenue in downtown Westport has begun in the effort to create the Saugatuck Center, which will consist of four buildings with both commercial and residential lots. As written on its website, the goal of the project is to “bring the neighborhood back to Westport.” Project leaders would like to bring more business ...

A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

A Celebrity In Our Midst? Nevona Friedman on Her Booming Website,

September 28, 2010

Cheyenne Haslett'13 Web Features Editor Nevona Friedman ’12 can be found navigating the halls of Staples High School like any other student, and you might never know that behind the large square glasses and edgy hair cut, sits the brain deserving the credit for, one of t...

SafeRides Embraces New Website

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March 20, 2010

Natasha Gabbay '10 Web Managing Editor After existing for about a year, the SafeRides chapter in Westport has now developed a website to organize their system, as well as hopefully connect them with other chapters. Westport community member Isaac Levi discovered the organization through his s...

New “Google Buzz” Hits Staples High

New “Google Buzz” Hits Staples High

March 12, 2010

Kate McNee '11 Head Copy Editor As people around the world can’t seem to keep their fingers off their keyboards, between tweeting and writing on each other’s Facebook walls, Google has announced that it is contributing its own site to the social networking phenomenon: Google Buzz.        Google Buzz is a...

Ross’s Website Recommendations

Ross's Website Recommendations

February 2, 2010

Everybody has their own list of websites that they use on a daily basis. For high school students, websites usually serve the purpose of helping with homework or stunting its process. So here are a few useful, and possible detrimental, sites that I use mostly every day. 1.  Dropbox – This dandy website permanently ends the “email it to yourself”...

JJ’s Must Have Websites

JJ's Must Have Websites

February 2, 2010

JJ Clarke '12 A&E Editor I try to keep up with skateboarding and this is by far the best website to do it on. The Berrics, is a private skate park owned by professional skateboarders Steve Berra and Eric Koston (Berra + Eric = Berrics). Berra updates the site frequently with orig...

Rebecca’s Bookmarked Sites

Rebecca's Bookmarked Sites

February 2, 2010

Rebecca Bobrow '11 Staff Writer Every day when I open up my web browser, the first thing I see is the tab of my eight bookmarked sites across the top of my screen. Surprisingly, Facebook is not one of them. But who am I kidding? Facebook tops the list of my most visited sites along with the rest ...

Students Chat With Strangers on Omegle

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January 28, 2010

Stevie Klein '12 Web Features Editor   “Asl?” Age. Sex. Location. This common conversation starter is used on the chat website,, which is rapidly gaining popularity among teenagers. is a site that lets any person in the world anonymously chat with another randomly cho...

Jacob Meisel, the Aspiring Weather Man

The front page of Meisel's weather-predicting website.

December 8, 2009

Stevie Klein '12 Web Features Editor From a young age until now, Jacob Meisel '13 could not help but be intrigued by lightning; it's power and its mystery. From then on he realized that he had a passion for exploring weather. "I lived in Los Angeles where the weather was normally calm, so I loved visiting Cape...

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