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Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Budgeting time for schoolwork is imperative

Hannah Bolandian ’19

February 5, 2019

Staples students are notorious for being stressed out and overloaded with work, especially around midterm and final exams. However, this normality is preventable. With second semester now in full swing, students have a clear slate to start fresh and take a new approach to time management if needed. ...

Removing midterm make-up day hurts students

The midterm season is tough enough, but the removal of the midterm make-up days will cause students to push past flu symptoms and potentially make-up tests after and before school.

Eli Corenthal ’19

December 18, 2018

Midterm season is quickly approaching and there are many new changes unfamiliar to Staples students. The most significant one, perhaps, is the lack of a make-up day built into the midterm schedule. Instead, there are review days––four periods spanning two hours each before exams––but no day to...

Surviving severe second semester senioritis

Graphic by Amina Abdulkareem '15

Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer

March 6, 2015

From self-portraits in red crayola markers to writing a synthesis essay on Macbeth, you’ve hit the home stretch of your 12 year education. At this point, you most likely: Roll into first period about twenty minutes late, with a nonchalant attitude and one of Patty’s pink slips checked off as “unexcused.”...

The do’s and dont’s of electing electives

The do’s and dont’s of electing electives

Kacey Hertan, Business Managing Editor

February 10, 2015

This week, my bewildered eighth grade sister has been begging for advice on what electives to take next year. Now, this is not the most important decision in life nor is it worth stressing about; however, choosing enjoyable electives can seriously enhance the high school experience. Of course,...

To skip or not to skip?

To skip or not to skip?

Kit Epstein, Staff Writer

November 23, 2014

Every year at Staples, most of the seniors participate in a grade-wide game of hooky, otherwise known as Senior Skip Day. The more “official” Senior Skip Day is during the second semester, but there usually ends up being a first semester day of skipping as well. This year, the first semester Sk...

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