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‘Tis the season to give good gifts

‘Tis the season to give good gifts

Alexa Di Luca, Staff Writer

December 12, 2014

The holidays are getting closer and it’s time to start trekking into the most feared place during Dec.: the mall. Standing in an isle, debating whether your dad would prefer the red shirt or the blue shirt, or maybe even a snowblower may seem like the biggest struggle. But don’t worry, there actually...

Meet me under the Christmas tree

Meet me under the Christmas tree

Caroline Lane, Staff Writer

December 8, 2014

When kids reach the second or third grade, there are daunting whispers that Santa Claus is, in fact, a myth.  Supposedly, it’s really just Mom and Dad who place the presents under the tree and drink the milk and eat the cookies. To this day, however, I believe that Santa Claus is as real as you and...

The holidays light up Westport

Siblings smile bright for their mother in front of the lit tree. Many families took the photo opportunity and flashed their cameras to capture the memories.

Caroline Cohen, A&E Editor

December 5, 2013

As temperatures are on a steady sled down, spirit and holiday cheer are only rising. Holiday lights shine bright and Christmas trees are seen glittering through windows of homes around town. And the town of Westport is no exception, Wednesday night Dec. 4 the tree in front of town hall lit up and childre...

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