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Students lunge, leap and row to outside sports programs

Thomas Nealon, Staff Writer

October 10, 2014

Out of the 90 clubs and 25 sports teams Staples has to offer, it would seem nearly impossible that students would not be able to find a club or team that would interest them. However, many individuals have chosen to take their athletic talents to other competitive programs. Students who participate in...

Row, Row, Row Our Boat

Row, Row, Row Our Boat

Caroline Cohen, A&E Editor

June 7, 2013

The sun is shining down and the water flows along with the current of the rowboat. Being a sport that requires technique, teamwork and a whole lot of effort, rowing seems to attract a population of Staples students who, despite rowing’s grueling workouts and tiring workouts, can’t get enough of being...

Rowing Forward

Rowing Forward

April 15, 2011

After years of high school rowing, Lizzy Youngling ’11, Max Meyer-Bosse ’11, and Susan Greenberg ’11 will continue to row at Division 1 colleges, hoping to be a part of a new rowing legacy. “I can’t imagine my life without rowing. It always seemed natural that I was going to row at college,...

Athletes Find the Time to Keep Shape During Off-Seaons

Athletes Find the Time to Keep Shape During Off-Seaons

November 12, 2010

Caitlyn Rand '13 Web Opinions Editor In the heart of winter, John Morrison ’13 trains for rowing, his arms feeling weary as he gives all he’s got for the home stretch of his excruciatingly difficult workout He’s been practicing rowing almost every day, except he hasn’t been in a boat; he’s been exercising dutifully on an ergometer, o...

Saugatuck Rowers: Practice Rain or Shine

March 26, 2010

Shannon Moss '11 Web News Editor The weather is cold, rainy, and foggy. Through their rain-streaked windowshields, drivers see pedestrians huddled under umbrellas, windowshield wipers flashing, and.... rowers? Susan Greenberg ‘11, a rower for 17 seasons at the Saugatuck Rowing Club (SRC), decided to take up the sport after always envyi...

Athletes Struggle to Meet Rigorous Weight Requirements

WEIGHING IN: Athletes struggle with the demands of their respective sports, often checking their weight to maintain eligibility. | Photo by Ashley Bonett '10

January 29, 2010

Joy Eisenberg '10 Sports Editor Rachel Upton ’10, an avid rower for the past five years, remembers a time when she saw a coach cut off a lightweight rower’s ponytail because she was almost a half–pound over the weight category’s maximum. “It was two hours before the race and she had to be weighed in for finals at nationals,” Upton said. “Instead of ha...

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