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Riverdale’s partnership with Bumble is troubling

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Abby Fleming '20

March 7, 2019

Every Wednesday night, it has become a ritual for teens across the nation to settle into their couches, turn on the CW and watch the newest episode of “Riverdale”. The “Archie Comics” spinoff caters to an adolescent audience, the majority of which is comprised of girls. This is why their rec...

‘Riverdale’ returns with a problematic new season

‘Riverdale’ returns with a problematic new season

October 18, 2018

By Kevin Ludy '19 A teen framed for murder, high school crushes and a mysterious map are all tied together in a teen drama. Although these qualities sound intriguing, the new season of Riverdale doesn’t deliver as a binge-worthy series. Season three of Riverdale premiered on Oct. 10, marking...

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