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[Nov. 2016 Sports] Dirtbikers get kicks from kicking up dirt

November 23, 2016

By Katelyn DeAgro '17   In sixth grade, when most students were attending tryouts for basketball or football, Liam Fanning ’19, and Odin Bartie ’19  had already found their passion in the...

Long Day at School, Long Way Home: Why Staples Does Not Run Late Buses

November 12, 2010

On any given day after school at Staples, there are swarms of students bustling through the halls participating in extra-curricular activities. Because of students' active participation in after school...

April 29, 2010 | Time to Text

April 29, 2010 | Time to Text
April 29, 2010

3:45 p.m. Chiara Pucci '12 passes the time by texting as she waits for a ride home on a crisp, spring afternoon.

The Ups and Downs of Student Elevator Use

Students with permanent disabilities or a physician's note as well as teachers can use the school elevator. | Photo by Lucy Sinclair
March 12, 2010

Dana Rappaport '11 Web Opinions Editor To some, the Staples elevator is a free ride that provides leisurely access to different floors and is accessible at the push of a button. It is truly...

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