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Sophomore research paper provokes anxiety

An average sophomores google drive while enduring the research pape

Emma Dantas '21

May 24, 2019

  There are few things more daunting than sitting in front of an online Google document, knowing a minimum of eight pages needs to be filled with original writing in a persuasive and coherent way for one’s English teacher to grade in order to graduate. As you begin to crack your knuckles, thinking about how you are possibly going to be able to meet the page requirement and get your rough draft in by the end of this week...

Homework volume does not correlate with rigor

A Staples High School senior works to complete hours of homework. Stanford University researchers identified between 90 and 150 minutes as the “optimal” amount of homework in 2014.

Sophie Driscoll ’19

January 16, 2019

At higher levels of certain courses, difficulty of content increases slightly but volume of homework increases dramatically. However, homework quantity does not correlate with academic rigor. Of course, some students override into high-level classes without the necessary  foundation for success...

Study reveals violent video games stimulate aggression in players

Study reveals violent video games stimulate aggression in players

October 5, 2018

By Amanda Kaplowitz ’19 The results of a study conducted by Dartmouth College in Hanover, New Hampshire between 2010 and 2017 were published on Oct. 1, 2018, and revealed evidence linking violent video games to physical aggression in teens who frequently play them. According to USA Today, 24 stud...

ALS research is becoming spiced up with the Hot Pepper Challenge

March 15, 2018

By Lauren Wasserman '19 Who can forget the ice bucket challenge, when American’s dumped ice on their heads to raise money for amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS)? Now there is a new trend: The ALS hot pepper challenge. The ALS hot pepper challenge involves eating the hottest pepper the person...

Above and Beyond: ASR Students continue research after school

Above and Beyond: ASR Students continue research after school

March 21, 2011

One period a day, four days a week, Marcus Russi ’13 goes to room 3022. During the period, he completes labs, fills out science fair applications, and reads articles. But it is outside of school that the majority of his work for Authetic Science Research (ASR) takes place. "The goal of [ASR] is to...

To Take or Not to Take? Juniors and Seniors Deciding on an English Class

To Take or Not to Take? Juniors and Seniors Deciding on an English Class

October 5, 2010

Image via Wikipedia 1, 2, 3…Go! As Staples juniors set in to their busiest year of high school, many have already begun the complicated process of completing the research paper. Looking at how the paper is completed, it seems now that not only is the process of the research paper dictated by th...

Zinn’s Passing a Loss for Students and Teachers Alike

Howard Zinn speaks to students and faculty at Marlboro College in 2004 | Photo from Wiki Commons

February 28, 2010

Image via Wikipedia For many people Howard Zinn stood out only for his unusual last name. Some students may remember “that radical historian, or was he a communist?” they read for a day – and then forgot. But for others Howard Zinn, historian and author of A People’s History of the United States, will be remembered long after his works are out of ...

Letter to the Editor – Re “Boys vs. Girls Enrollment”

Graphic by Alix Neenan '12

December 6, 2009

Your question about the gender differences in  participation in various school subjects has been studied closely over the past 10 years. A review of the peer reviewed research literature shows us that the most significant differences between boys and girls are culture-driven.  We know this because...

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