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[Oct. 2016 Features] Girls who code–Programming club encourages Staples girls to learn code

November 22, 2016

By Izzy Connors ’18   Rather than spending her entire summer relaxing at the beach, staples student Giselle Briand ’17 attended the Girls Who Code Summer Immersion Program at Goldman Sachs...

New robots introduced to the library and community

Alex Giannini has a casual conversation to Nancy to demonstrate the voice command capabilities.
October 15, 2014

This past Saturday, Westporters of all ages gathered in the McManus room of the Library to see the unveiling of Vincent and Nancy, the newly purchased robots. The Library’s Assistant Director for...

New robots to roam the Westport library halls

New robots to roam the Westport library halls
October 10, 2014

They can walk, talk, dance, speak 19 languages, recognize faces, respond to questions, play soccer, and even do tai chi—but Nancy and Vincent aren’t a typical dynamic duo. In fact, they are The Westport...

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Reactions to Student Programmers

Who Wants To Be A Millionaire? Reactions to Student Programmers
April 12, 2013

When a British 17-year-old, Nick D’Aloisio, sold an app to Yahoo for $30 million this March, Staples students and teachers questioned the potential that their future may or may not hold. “I honestly...

Pre-Registration Numbers Show New Trends in Class Popularity for 2010–11

April 16, 2010

As students grow more and more concerned about their competition for colleges, this is reflected in their choices of electives. Enrollments fluctuate from year to year, and the 2010–2011 school year...

Computer Department Reboots for New Year

Madeline Hardy '11
January 29, 2010

John Watson '12 Staff Writer The rumors about the return of a computer science department to staple are not just rumors, as two new computer science classes two new classes are Intro...

BOE Discusses New Courses, Budget

BOE Discusses New Courses, Budget
January 8, 2010

Jordan Shenhar ‘13 Staff Writer On Jan. 5, the Board of Education voted unanimously to add four computer-science programs at Staples next year, discussed adding Mandarin Chinese as a middle-school...

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