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Data overload hurts students’ brains

Data overload hurts students’ brains

Sam Zuckerman '21

October 22, 2018

PowerSchool is the open grading system we use at Staples, and it forms the cornerstone of the Staples community. But do we know what it is like from a teacher’s perspective? Former Staples English teacher and girls’ cross country coach Amanda Parrish Morgan released an article referring to her time...

College culture critiqued by Staples community

College culture critiqued by Staples community

January 29, 2018

By Molly Mahoney '18 and Maddy Sell '18 ...

Birthday posts generate anxiety for Facebook users

Birthday posts generate anxiety for Facebook users

Alison Morrison, Staff Writer

March 9, 2015

When doing the rounds of my social media websites, it’s hard to avoid the pesky notifications from Facebook indicating that your camp-friend’s-friend-you-met-once-yet-still-friended’s birthday is today. This starts the age-old conundrum of how to phrase your “happy birthday” post. Do you...

Some students feel pressure to take physics

Some students may or may not feel the pressure to take physics. At Staples High School, there are six different physics classes students can take. According to School Counselor Victoria Capozzi, physics is generally a junior or senior year course.

Nicole DeBlasi, Web Managing Editor

November 23, 2014

You stare at your physics homework, trying to figure out how you would draw your force diagram. You wonder why you decided to take the class, realizing that you decided to take it because your parents told you it would look good for colleges.  Although physics is not a required course, many student...

Girls Lacrosse Falls to Glastonbury in State Quarter Finals

Girls Lacrosse Falls to Glastonbury in State Quarter Finals

June 7, 2011

  After a tough game against Glastonbury, the Staples girl’s lacrosse team ended their season with a loss in the quarterfinals of the state tournament on Monday. For the first half of the game, it seemed like Glastonbury was dominating the game but the half ended with a tie. Then, going into...

Soccer Seniors Leave Legacy, Titles to be Remembered

Soccer Seniors Leave Legacy, Titles to be Remembered

December 3, 2010

While walking down the Staples gym hallway it isn’t hard to notice the vast collection of soccer memorabilia lining the walls. Encased in glass, trophies gleam and old sepia colored team-photographs rest in their frames. These objects symbolize the various accomplishments of the varsity Boy’s Soccer ...

Fire Truck Comes to Staples

Fire Truck Comes to Staples

October 22, 2010

During period 6 on Friday, October 22, students were rushed outside for a firedrill. As the Westport Fire Department pulled up to Staples, they soon discovered that there was not a fire, but rather pressure difficulties. According to Principal Dodig, the workers on North Avenue opened a fire hydra...

Jazz Band Showcases School–Wide Talent

 Nick Mariconda begins practice with the Jazz Band. | Photo by Madeline Hardy '11

April 16, 2010

Constance Chien '10 Features Editor In the four building, Thursday means jazz band. And jazz band means brass sounds emanating from the band room—the sound of several saxophones out–discording each other, the sound of tuning, the sound of a TV on (basketball, naturally) and all of th...

Homeland Insecurity: Campus Protection May Be Inadequate

Graphic by Bryan Schiavone '13

March 26, 2010

Eliza Hamburger ’10 Opinions Editor Staples security is not a joke. Well, at least it’s not supposed to be. There is very little that you can get away with here, and believe me I have tried. You can’t leave campus without a pass and not be stopped by security, and you can’t skip a class without being tracked down by your friendly gr...

Keys for the Jets to Beat the Raiders Sunday

October 22, 2009

Cole Tessler ’11 Staff Writer The Jets are on a three game skid and looking to bounce back after a devastating loss to the Bills. Now, they are facing a must win game on the road, at Oakland. Oakland has new found swagger after beating the Eagles 9-13 and now Richard Seymour, Raiders defensiv...

Jets Defense Spoils Braylon Edwards’ Big Debut Against Miami

October 13, 2009

Cole Tessler '10 Staff Writer Last week, Mark Sanchez’s inability to sustain drives put enormous pressure on the defense versus the Saints. This week it was the Jets defense’s inability to stop the offense and eventually put pressure on Sanchez. The offense was solid, the running game pounded ...

A Look into the Career of Jim Nantz: A Q&A about his Play-by-Play Job at CBS Sports

March 13, 2009

1. When did you first realize that you wanted to become a sports broadcaster? Who/What was your inspiration for becoming a sports broadcaster? A. When I was 11 years old I was watching the Masters Golf Tournament with my dad. I heard these voices and had a tremendous sense about all things on the pla...

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