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The Unusual Pre-Game Routine of Praying

From left to right: Ben Howard ’21, Griffin Lundquist ’18, Jonny Maisonet ’18, Jackson Dembski ’18. Ian Cooney ’18

October 30, 2017

By: Clay Crouch '18 Most who play sports have a pregame routine. They do it before every game and never change it. Some athletes tie their shoes a certain way, others listen to a certain song. Most football players at Staples are no different than other athletes when it comes to pregame procedure. ...

Culture Without Conflict

Culture Without Conflict

December 13, 2010

Image via Wikipedia Judaism and I have a strange relationship. If we see each other at a party, he’ll buy me a drink, but somehow I’ll lose his number. And next month I’ll see him again, and I’ll make up some excuse for why I never called. Judaism is an attractive stranger on the train, a waiter wh...

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