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Instagram, please remove likes

 Instagram announced the removal of likes in November 2019. The change is expected to take place later this year.

Molly Gold '21, Paper News Editor

January 15, 2020

As I scroll through Instagram, posts from friends, celebrities, meme accounts and puppies pass across my screen. Often, before even looking at the actual photo, my eyes instinctively go directly to the bottom left corner of their post: the amount of likes that the post received. Similarly, immediately...

Instagram, please do not remove likes

Instagram may be drifting away from letting users leave a like on posts.

Logan Gornbein '21, Staff Writer

January 7, 2020

Instagram is a platform where people are able to share photos or videos to a wide range of audiences. Instagram allows you to leave a like or comment on someone’s post of a picture or a video. Personally, seeing who likes my posts and how many likes my post receives is interesting and exciting. Ne...

Chartwells Considers Posting Calorie Counts in Cafe

March 12, 2010

Rachel Chernok '10 & Joy Eisenberg '10 A&E Editor and Sports Editor On the mornings that Steve Lamando ’10 doesn’t have time to eat breakfast at home, he’ll pick up a bacon, egg, and cheese from the cafeteria during his free. But of course the breakfast sandwich must be the kind ...

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