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Why the legendary Frank Pepe’s is not the best pizza in the world

Why the legendary Frank Pepe’s is not the best pizza in the world

Jason Streiter, Staff Writer

October 29, 2015

Frank Pepe’s Pizzeria in New Haven is a legendary pizza place. Every year the website ‘The Daily Meal’ ranks the top 101 pizza places in the United States. The number one this year was the legendary Frank Pepe's Pizzeria in New Haven. While Pepe’s is good, it is not even in the top three pizza...

Pizza places compete for the best Staples ranking

Grant Sirlin, Staff Writer

March 23, 2015

As an after-school snack or early evening meal, pizza is an unavoidable part of the high school experience. Its versatility suits high school life perfectly, providing hungry students with food at any time of the day. Since there are so many options for pizza, it’s important to know the nuances of...

Sock it to ’em

Photo by Caroline O'Kane '15

Jennifer Gouchoe, Staff Writer

November 11, 2014

When I walk into Urban Outfitters, I immediately gravitate to the sale section because, let’s face it, I’m not wasting my money on a $50 t-shirt. Before I reach the racks of barely marked down clothes, I’m blinded by the plethora of socks of all different patterns. Some people think socks are...

Bravo! Bravo! New pizza place receives rave reviews

A sneak peak of what your pizza could like.

Jack Zeldes, Staff Writer

September 22, 2014

With brand new food places like Qdoba and Saugatuck Sweets, the opening of a new pizza place, Pizzeria Bravo has not gotten the attention it should be receiving. Located where Munson’s Chocolate used to be, Pizzeria Bravo has some tough shoes to fill for Staples students. The new restaurant ha...

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