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Dance is an art, not a sport

Dance is an art, not a sport
January 3, 2017

By Kate Lewis '18 Growing up as dancer, while my friends played soccer and softball and field hockey, I was often asked if dance is my “sport.” When I was younger, I would reply yes, because I considered...

[Sept. 2016 News] New equipment propels P.E. department different curriculum

October 11, 2016

By Ashton Dedona '17 Arts Editor and Kaya Leitner '19 The physical education department has made changes to its curriculum this year but not to the state of its boys’ locker room.   Some students...

The journey that is mononucleosis

The journey that is mononucleosis
June 18, 2016

I walk up to the starting line, take a deep breath and hear the gun. Before I even realize it, I’ve run the four fastest laps of my life. Immediately following the race, I’m embraced by my teammates...

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