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Dreaming of Jun(o)

A beautiful winter scene filled with freshly fallen snow fills Westport and surrounding areas.
January 28, 2015

The bell rings at 11:45 and students celebrate the early dismissal with thoughts of ‘The Blizzard of the Year’ that lies ahead. The air has dropped to 20 degrees and small flurries are floating down,...

So long Main Street, welcome Mahackeno

The new, and greatly improved wellness center.
October 12, 2014

The day has finally come to say goodbye to what some call their home away from home on the Post Road in Westport and meet their new home off of exit 41 of the Merritt Parkway. Some expressed excitement,...

Westport kids race in the YMCA Strong Kids Triathlon

Westport kids race in the YMCA Strong Kids Triathlon
September 22, 2014

The Staples parking lot was packed full with over 75 cars holding dedicated runners, bikers, and swimmers, all of whom were ready to participate in the seventh annual YMCA Strong Kids Triathlon this Sunday...

Westport says farewell to summer

Yaks on yaks. What would summer be without a dip in the water, paddling around the Long Island Sound with some friends and family?
 Ben Hamer ’16 spends his summer days working at Longshore Sailing School. “I get to sail and kayak everyday under the sun, there’s nothing better to do during summer time,” Hamer said.
September 22, 2014

Summer is warmth, the burning sun kissing your shoulders. Summer is freedom, beaches, summer camp, relaxation. As Sept. 22 approaches we have to officially say farewell to summer as the weather turn...

Top five differences between middle school and high school

Top five differences between middle school and high school
September 19, 2014

Picture this: Big school, little you. It’s your first day of freshman year and you see senior girls in their blue shirts running around and blowing whistles in your ear. Older boys are standing next...

Staples students’ stages of finals

Staples students' stages of finals
June 10, 2014

Stage 1: Denial June 1st: Ok. Finals are in 12 days. I don't have to start studying yet, right? Maybe I’ll start this weekend. June 7th: Sunny and 81 degrees. Studying postponed to Sunday. June...

All the foods needed to party like a leprechaun

All the foods needed to party like a leprechaun
March 17, 2014

Maybe the Irish aren't known for their extensive menus, but on Saint Patrick’s Day you are sure to find these Irish dishes in traditional households, whether you are dining in Ireland itself or right...

WWPT switches its tune

Working the station: Jake Reiser’14 works Staples’ radio booth after school Friday, Oct. 25th. Reiser and Tim Schroeder’14 are the few left with a sports centered show.
November 4, 2013

Music-centered shows are beating sports coverage in air time on WWPT, lately. But cohosts Brandon Shock ’16 and Brandon Rakowski ’16, believe Staples’ radio station could use a different kind of...

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