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Some people prefer books, some people prefer sports. Students should be able to choose what activity they wish to do in the summer.

Books shouldn’t be sole summer task

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer June 9, 2022

Reading? Some people love it, other people, such as myself, despise it. For many students, summer reading is a major task that students have to complete over the summer. If two books aren’t read, then...

The initial caption, and logo for the show made on October 3, 2021

New Star Wars miniseries exceeded expectations

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer June 8, 2022

If you are the type of person who likes Star Wars, or binge-watching shows, then you should check out this show. It even turned me into an avid Star Wars fan and inspired me to watch older Star Wars movies...

Students rock their hair, helping them express themselves in different ways.

Hair expresses students’ true selves

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer May 26, 2022

If someone were to walk into the school, they would be bombarded with different colors, designs, and even… textures? From curly to straight, blue to yellow, the hair of the students at Staples High School...

The biggest reason that small businesses fail is that there is no need for the items that the small businesses are selling. In 2020, around 20%of small businesses failed within the first year, and after five years, 50%failed.

Tensions between small, big businesses need to be solved

Nile Jean '24 , Staff Writer March 10, 2022

You may utilize, own products by and often shop from large businesses such as Amazon, Microsoft or Google, but what most people fail to understand is how hurtful these companies are to the success of smaller...

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Be afraid: Metaverses slowly, but surely taking over society

Nile Jean '24, Staff Writer December 17, 2021

You may have heard of Facebook’s involvement in setting up the metaverse. But Facebook is not the only company exploring the value of a metaverse, or a fully immersive world in which you are in another...

The Mcdonald’s McRib is not worthy of the hype. In my opinion, it is very different from what is advertised.

Hot take on McDonald’s anticipated McRib

Nile Jean ’24, Staff Writer November 24, 2021

The McRib, one of McDonald's most anticipated items, came back as of Monday Nov. 1. However, I don’t think that the McRib really lives up to its hyped up reputation. The McRib, consisting of three...

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