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Ellis shares insight to minority microaggression through writing

Chet Ellis ‘19 won first place two years in a row with his article about racial micro aggressions in Westport. Ellis will attend Harvard in the fall of 2019.

Emma Dantas '21

April 29, 2019

Sitting down, cracking your knuckles and beginning an essay for English or history class can be a dreaded process when students have a bad case of writer's block. In order to get all your jumbled ideas onto the page and hit submit before the deadline is not only a writing process but an act of thinking...

Past editorial raises concerns about perceptions of diversity

Monique Medina, Staff Writer

May 30, 2014

Although the attempt to approach the touchy subject of race in “Damaged by lack of diversity” is admirable, it stands as an article written for, effectively but solely, the Caucasian majority of Staples’ student body. The claim that Westport cannot provide diversity may be true on a larger scale,...

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