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Secretary pushes to be addressed by her last name

McQuone smiles from her  desk, greeting students on their way into school.

Amina Abdul-Kareem, Staff Writer

October 29, 2014

After 15 years of working at Staples, attendance secretary Patty McQuone, simply known as Patty among students, has decided that students should start addressing her as Mrs. McQuone. McQuone, who is known for her smiling face and her stack of pink tardy slips she hands out to students, wants to be treated...

The Return of H1N1 Causes Elevated Fear at Staples

The Return of H1N1 Causes Elevated Fear at Staples

November 29, 2009

Monica Mula Web Opinions Editor As cold weather approaches before the flu season officially begins, rumors of the spread of H1N1 are more rampant than the flu itself. While students estimate that up to 300 people have been absent in a single day, Nurse Alicia Casucci proves otherwise. “The absentee rate has fluctuated about 10%,” said Cas...

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