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Palmer announces retirement

Palmer announces retirement

Sophie Driscoll '19

March 15, 2019

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Superintendent Dr. Colleen Palmer announced on March 14 that she will retire on Aug. 1.   “The district is in a time right now where it can be handed over to another superintendent, and I will work tirelessly to make sure that happens smoothly,” Palmer said.   In a press re...

It Makes the Day: The Mini Maker Faire

It Makes the Day: The Mini Maker Faire

Eliza Llewellyn, Web Managing Editor

April 27, 2013

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As robots roll, hula hoops spin, racecars launch and 3-D printers whir back and forth, assembling layers of plastic, visitors to Westport’s second Mini Maker Faire experience innovation in motion. The one-day, family-friendly event was held at the Westport Public Library on April 27 to promote tech...

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