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Virtual Candlelight captivates attention, proves successful

Despite the barriers put in place by COVID-19 the highly regarded Candlelight concert prevailed taking on the form of a virtually broadcasted performance accessible to thousands across the nation.
January 5, 2021

Every year the holiday season is unofficially underway when bright lights illuminate the Staples high school stage and music fills the air, commencing the annual Candlelight concert. A performance so highly...

As winter break approaches, number of distance learners increases

Prior to Thanksgiving break 190 students were fully distance learners. After the break over 176 additional students decided to go fully remote, with the numbers anticipated to grow.
December 16, 2020

The number of distance learners at Staples has tripled since the start of the school year with 363 students, roughly 20% of the population, fully remote as of Dec. 7. 125 students were distance learners...

Changes to Advanced Placement test justifies College Board to charge full price

The College Board has implemented changes to their registration and cancellation policies regarding the Advanced Placement exams. This renders them the ability to charge students the full price of a normal test.
November 25, 2020

Uncertainty of the future seems to be looming over everyone as the pandemic once again begins to surge. While the future has become impossible to predict, we have time and time again found ways to adapt...

College students returning home for Thanksgiving poses great threat

College students coming home for Thanksgiving does not only pose a threat to our Westport community, but also communities all around the nation, something universities should take into consideration before sending students home.
November 10, 2020

As coronavirus cases surge once again, a highly contested question of whether it is safe to send college students back home during Thanksgiving break is on  the minds of many.  As someone who currently...

Increased flooding downtown threatens shops through costs and water damage

October 29, 2020

Twitter displays double standard following threats against Trump

As threats against President Trump were made, Twitter put out a statement highlighting their policy against hate on the site, exposings the double standard between men and women in politics. Graphic by Marina Engler '21
October 25, 2020

Following news that President Trump contracted COVID-19, many flocked to Twitter to voice their opinions and reactions. Among the millions of tweets that rolled in, there was a noticeable amount of tweets...

@blackatshs aims to create understanding within community

The Instagram page @blackatshs aims to build bridges within the Westport community amid nationwide racial discussions.
October 6, 2020

We live in a time where the ability to communicate with thousands lays at the tip of our fingers. As discussions regarding race grow across the nation, many within the Staples community want their voices...

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