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RTM rejects attempt to ban sale of recreational marijuana

Marijuana, which is classified by the Federal Government as a Schedule I drug, has been legalized by 11 states and Washington, DC in recent years. Many believe that Connecticut’s State Legislature will legalize it within the next few legislative sessions.

Andreas Lolis ’21, Paper News Editor

October 6, 2019

The Westport Representative Town Meeting (RTM) voted down an ordinance that would ban the sale of recreational marijuana in Westport for two years if and when the state legalizes it. Jimmy Izzo, RTM Member and Chair of the Public Protection Committee, introduced the ordinance along with RTM Member Greg...

Non-medical marijuana will pose a harm to Westport

Graphic by Jack Dennison ’21

Jack Dennison '21

May 30, 2019

Thirty-five years ago, President Ronald Reagan declared a war on drugs. Now, it seems as if illegal substances have won the war as marijuana dispensaries are finding a home here in Westport. The state of Connecticut should not approve marijuana for recreational use, and Westport residents should ...

Legalizing marijuana in Canada will transform Staples

Legalizing marijuana in Canada will transform Staples

Sam Zuckerman '21

December 5, 2018

Marijuana has always been a hot topic amongst people all over the western world. Heck, there are even political parties in the United States that are dedicated to legalizing weed. There has also always been a struggle for marijuana users to get a legal product. But that has all changed, as Canada has ...

Legalization of marijuana in California podcast

Legalization of marijuana in California podcast

January 15, 2018

By Roxy Augeri '20 and Julia Lombardo '20

Parents Attend Marijuana Awareness Meeting

Parents Attend Marijuana Awareness Meeting

Jack Zapfel, Staff Writer

November 19, 2015

On Friday, November 13th, concerned parents, of Westport, attended a New York University Addiction Psychiatry: Emerging Drugs of Abuse meeting, focused on marijuana at town hall in Westport from 10:00 am to 11:30 am. An hour long informative the Powerpoint presentation was followed by a thirty minut...

Despite consequences, edibles prove popular

Despite consequences, edibles prove popular

Bailey Ethier and Jane Levy

April 7, 2015

*Names that have been changed Sitting in her social studies class, a senior girl raises her hand to ask her teacher if she may go to the bathroom. Hands in her pockets and head lowered, she enters the girls’ bathroom and checks to see if the stalls are occupied. Empty – she’s set. She pulls...

Smoker’s Choice: Poll Shows Students Feel Marijuana Is More Socially Acceptable than Cigarettes

An Inklings poll showed that Staples students consider the illegal marijuana more socially acceptable than cigarettes, which are legal for those over the age of eighteen.  However, the National Institute on Drug Abuse reported that marijuana smoke contains 50-70 percent more cancer-causing hydrocarbons than tobacco smoke. |Photo-Graphic by Lucas Hammerman '10 and Ashley Bonett '10

December 8, 2009

Sam Freeman '11 and Stevie Klein '12 Web A&E Editor and Web Features Editor  Thirty years ago, students could often be seen sneaking out of school during their free periods and ducking outside the cafeteria for a quick smoke.  Today, the next generation of students has extinguished its cig...

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