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Staples community celebrates winter holidays through COVID-19

Staples staff and students found ways to celebrate the holidays over winter break despite COVID-19 restrictions.
January 13, 2021

During normal years, the winter holidays are the cause for exotic vacations, grand parties and elaborate meals. In January, students and staff return to school refreshed, full of lingering holiday spirit...

Wakeman Town Farm welcomes volunteers

November 12, 2020

Teachers prevent online cheating by changing assessments

Teachers prevent online cheating by changing assessments
October 13, 2020

It can always be a challenge to ensure students uphold the honor code as they take tests. This year, as half of the student body is working online at any given time, it has become increasingly difficult...

Elementary teachers, students adjust to new COVID-19 protocols

Elementary school students and staff demonstrate responsibility and resilience while adhering to new public safety protocols due to the COVID-19 pandemic.
September 27, 2020

Here at Staples, we have settled into a new ordinary. Coming into school two days a week, you squeeze some hand sanitizer into your palm, put on a mask and rush to your first period class.  But how...

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