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New bleachers grace Jinny Parker field

A rolled ankle, torn ligament. and two weeks of riding the bench was the price that field hockey player, Maddy Sampath ’16 had to pay after an inconvenient tumble her Freshman year. The accident did not occur during a game, nor did it occur at a practice. In fact, the incident didn’t even happen on…

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Lacrosse players face-off for early recruitment

During summer league lacrosse programs, college coaches are able to recruit high school athletes at increasingly younger ages. Varsity lacrosse player Colleen Bannon ’17 explains that there are major differences in the regular season of lacrosse and the summer programs. “When you play for your school team you play because you want to represent your…


Student Athletes Work Hard On, Off Field

As the bell rings at 2:15 each day, many Staples students are not heading to their buses to go home, but rather in the opposite direction to the locker rooms to get ready for sports practices. These students have busy lives between school, practice every day, and then all their homework each evening, but most…