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Editorial--In tolerance we trust; information required to promote mass acceptance over mass prejudice

Editorial–In tolerance we trust; information required to promote mass acceptance over mass prejudice

Editorial Board May 5, 2016

In 2015, an all new reality TV show premiered across America: the presidential primaries. This primetime hit may have provided us with an all-we-can-eat buffet of embarrassment, idiocy and bitterness,...

Board of Education Addresses Issues of Remaining Budget

January 11, 2011

Image via Wikipedia The BOE meeting last night, Wednesday, Jan. 10, addressed the issues of the underground oil tank replacement proposal and the proposed budget for the next school year. The Board...

Nobel Peace Prize Nominee, Mu Sochua, Comes to Staples

November 19, 2010

A feeling of awe circled the room as Mu Sochua, an accomplished human rights activist, Nobel Peace Prize nominee, and Cambodian Parliament member stepped in front of the class. As she began her presentation,...

Debate Team Argues to The Win

November 12, 2010

On Oct. 16, the Staples Debate Team competed in an extemporaneous state–wide tournament at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering in Stamford, Conn., during which team members were...

Is Staples Safe for All Sexualities?

November 12, 2010

The last thing that Francis Furmanek ’11 expected when walking onto the bus after school last year was to be verbally attacked. It was not long after the bus went in motion that a student began to harass...

A Homecoming Away From Home

October 27, 2010

Image by JoshBerglund19 via Flickr Sammie Hardy '11 Web Sports Editor This upcoming Saturday a years old tradition will finally return back to Staples and be celebrated by under-class men, upper-class...

A “Cacophony” of Voices: Trio of Juniors Create Independent Magazine

October 1, 2010

In early September, three Staples students, Carson Einarsen ’12, Carlie Schwaeber ’12, and Melanie Mignucci ’12, came together to publish a creative writing and art magazine. They call it “Cacophony.” “The...

Leaving their Legacy: Seniors Hand off Clubs

Leaving their Legacy: Seniors Hand off Clubs

May 28, 2010

As seniors graduate from high school, they not only say "goodbye" to their teachers and classes, but also to the clubs that they started or joined. In preparation for the school year of 2010-11,...

Attendance Troubles Persist During AP testing

May 18, 2010

Image by antimony funk! via Flickr Jon Loeb '11 Staff Writer It’s first period on a Wednesday, and only half of Mrs. McNamee’s AP Language class is present. No, there is no bug moving around...

Photo by Madeline Hardy 11

April 30, 2010 | Keeping the Silence

April 30, 2010

2:15 p.m. Students participating in the 2010 Day of Silence, run by the Gay-Straight Alliance, break it by shouting in the courtyard. The students went all day without talking to raise awareness about...

Availability of Abortions Unclear in Proposed Health Care Bill

February 23, 2010

Lexi Preiser '10 & Natasha Gabbay '10 Web Editor-in-Chief & Web Managing Editor The ongoing debate surrounding health care reform raises a contentious issue with regards to abortion. Politicians...

The Truth Behind Depression in Teenagers

December 22, 2009

Lucas Hammerman ’10 & Emily Goldberg ’12 News Editor & Web Sports Editor I have been drinking a lot, and I have been dating a lot, and I have been doing things that I am really ashamed... / CC BY-SA 2.0

Students Should React More Reasonably in the Face of Economic Discussion

May 15, 2009

Alex Nitkin '10 Managing Editor If I were a random outsider who happened upon the May 4 student rally at Town Hall, I'm not sure what my first impression of the event would have been. Most likely,...

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