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A country far away boasts a culture close to home

At the club’s annual Hanukkah celebration, students along with club advisor Fran Sinay are challenged to create a human menorah. In the middle stands Kyle Ratner ’16. “We couldn't have found a better Shamash than him,” Kessler said. Photo contributed by Gaya Kessler.
January 19, 2016

Israel may be located 5,638 miles across the globe, but the rich culture of this tiny country echoes within room 2034’s walls. The biweekly Israeli Culture Club (ICC), home to Israeli-style barbecues,...

Clubs bring foreign education to Staples

Members from the Israeli Culture Club learning about Israeli inventions.
December 8, 2014

Although there are over 95 clubs at staples, one in particular has caught students’ attention and has really brought foreign education to Westport. The Staples Israeli Culture Club, which has around...

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