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An hour is saved, while sanity is hopelessly lost

December 7, 2014

As the clocks switched for Daylight Savings Time on Nov. 2, over 70 countries, including the U.S., fell back an hour and everything changed. All of a sudden, what I thought was 7:30 a.m. was actually 6:30...

The Sky is the Limit: Staples Students Take to the Air

May 27, 2011

While some teens are learning to drive, Lucas Abed ’14 and Connor Hardy ’14 are balancing learning to fly and their passion for baseball. They are still considered amateurs but are in the process...

Debate Team Argues to The Win

November 12, 2010

On Oct. 16, the Staples Debate Team competed in an extemporaneous state–wide tournament at the Academy of Information Technology & Engineering in Stamford, Conn., during which team members were...

Orphenians 50th Anniversary Concert

June 7, 2010

Jon Loeb '11 Staff Writer It is an hour before the Orphenians 50th Anniversary concert and the area outside of the auditorium is packed with Orphenians past and present. Orphenians from 50 ago are...

Bernie McGrenahan: Funny man, serious message

Comedian with a message: Bernie McGrenahan presents to the seniors for their senior health requirment. | Photo by Stevie Klein '12
December 10, 2009

Although Bernie McGrenahan’s comedy is hilarious, his message is as serious as it gets. On Wednesday, Dec. 9, the Teen Awareness Group (TAG) brought this comedian with a message to Staples to...

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